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Be Part of NBC 5's New Year's Eve Special!

What have you learned to appreciate this year? Send us a video for a chance to be included in NBC 5's New Year's Eve show!

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Wow, 2020 has been a lot. But many of us have learned to appreciate much of what our lives have to offer over the last year.

Maybe it’s quality time with the family or having more time to bake. Have you gotten the chance to connect with neighbors or learned a new skill? Maybe you finally gotten Grandma to learn how to Zoom.

Whatever it is you’ve learned to appreciate, we want to give you a chance to shout it across the Chicago area on our NBC 5 New Year’s Eve show.

Film yourself saying the phrase “In 2020 I learned to appreciate…” and then respond with your answer. Submit the video below and we may include you in our New Year’s Eve special.


How to film your video

  • Keep videos under 60 seconds but feel free to answer with more than one thing.
  • Look directly into the camera.
  • FILM IN LANDSCAPE (With the phone sideways/horizontal).
  • Avoid large logos on clothing.
  • Film a quiet area so that we can hear your response.
  • Film in a bright room or outside. Avoid dark rooms or filming at night.

How to submit your video

  1. Please upload your final video to this link ( by copy and pasting in your browser.

2. Or send a link in an email to

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