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Dog Finds Owner's Missing Tooth

Dentist shocked by story, ease of repair



    Dog Finds Owner's Missing Tooth
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    A Barrington dog became a hero over the weekend after finding his owner's tooth that he caused to fall out.

    Megan Wiersma, of Barrington, was walking down the steps to her backyard on Saturday when her 55 pound dog, Moses, yanked his leash out of her hands and caused her fall face-first, the Daily Herald reported.

    Wiersma said she made an emergency phone call to her dentist, Dr. Russ Fitton, who told her to bring the tooth in for repair. But the tooth, Wiersma said, was no where to be found.

    The next day, the 37-year-old woman said she saw something sitting beside her feet.

    Moses, apparently feeling guilty for what he'd done, had found the 3-millimeter by 2-millimeter dental portion and delivered it to his master.

    Wiersma told the Daily Herald that she wasn’t surprised that Moses found the tooth, but was rather shocked that he didn’t eat it.

    Fitton said he'd never seen seen anything so bizarre in his 31-years as a dentist.

    The dentist used a special cement to bond the piece to Wiersma's tooth and said he was amazed to see it fit perfectly.