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Pirating Cyrus



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    The new Hannah Montana movie was number one at the box office this last weekend, and the lure of a big payday was too much for one couple accused of trying to make pirated copies, police said.

    Barrington's Gerardo Arellano and his wife, Maribel Fernandez, were arrested Friday. Police said the couple was in the backrow of the theater with a Sony camcorder.

    At the couple's home, police confiscated boxes of DVDs and CDs -- 44,000 in all -- as well as burners to make copies and printers to make labels. One their home computer was a link to a Web site that sells pirated DVDs.

    "They even had movies that aren't out yet, like Wolverine," one neighbor said.

    The Motion Picture Association of America which estimated the value of the movies found in Arellano's home at $50,000, the Chicago Tribune reported.