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Fewest Bank Robberies Since 2004

Despite economic hardship, the FBI tracked fewer bank robbers this year



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    These burglars' plan hit the bricks.

    Chicago saw the fewest number of bank robberies since 2004, says the FBI.

    Despite an economic climate typically associated with an increase in theft, the FBI's Chicago branch says the number of bank thefts was down to 190 from 277 in 2009, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Authorities are attributing the decline to several factors, including better camera security at some branches, a decrease in far-flung suburban branches that may be more vulnerable to heists, and the FBI's capture of several serial robbers.

    This year also saw the debut of ChicagoBanditTracker.com, which publishes photos and descriptions of thieves who knock off financial institutions. The site produced tips that closed a pair of cases in '09, says the FBI.