Bank of America Chicago Marathon Training Week 4: Develop Consistency

Consistency is a difficult thing sometimes. I’m sure you’ve experienced it. It can be a change in work schedule or a quick weekend trip; any of these things can throw you off your game. 

I tried not to let that happen this week to some success. I missed a speed run, but I got in a nice, long outdoor recovery run of 5.5 miles. 

This time, I was out of town for a very brief trip to a city I lived in when I first started in the TV business. I wanted to share this picture with you. This is the Sierra Motel in Traverse City, MI. I spent a little over a month living in a hotel room there when I started my first job. 

It was a tough time trying to get used to a new city when you’re living out of a suitcase. 

I decided to take my recovery run past this place and over to Grand Traverse County Parks. It was nice to reflect on where my journey began and take time during this recovery run to see how far I’ve come. I’m planning on going farther. 26.2 miles to be exact.

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