Ball Boy to Auction Michael Jordan’s “Flu Game” Shoes

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A former ball boy for the Utah Jazz said he will auction off a pair of size-13 sneakers worn by Michael Jordan in the 1997 NBA Finals during his infamous "flu game."

Jordan, who was suffering from some malady during Game 5 of that year's finals, gave the shoes to Preston Truman, an 18-year-old ball boy at the time because of a favor that Truman had done.

Earlier in the year Truman was at the Salt Lake City arena when Jordan asked for some applesauce. Truman ran all over the stadium before procuring an industrial sized can of the condiment and a spoon for Jordan. The Chicago Bull was pleased. 

Was Jordan Poisoned Before Flu Game?

When the finals came around, Truman found himself in a room before Game 5 with an obviously sick Jordan and asked his airness what he was going to do with his shoes after the game.  

"Why, you want them?" Jordan reportedly said. 

"I would be honored," Truman said in a recounting he told to the Salt Lake Tribune. 

Jordan ended up leading the Bulls with 30 points en route to a 90-88 win. 

Truman, who's now 35 years old, said he's been keeping the shoes in a bank lockbox for years, but thought now was a good time to sell them. 

Truman's starting bid: $5,000. 

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