‘Bad Momz of Comedy' unites Chicago-area women in passion for stand-up

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Lindsay Porter started doing standup late in life.  She was 52 years old when she took her first comedy class and loved it. So when she found out about Bad Momz of Comedy, she immediately joined the group.

This all-female comedy troupe already has 80 members ranging in age from 20 to 70 years old. They have sold-out all-female community events as well as PTA events, and even comedy clubs like Zanies.

“I had no expectations,” says Porter. “I set my sights at very small goals, so the fact that I’m performing at Zanies on a somewhat regular basis is well beyond anything I expected.”

Janice Rodriguez found her comedic voice when she was 37 years old. She’s *not* a mom, and it’s actually not a requirement to join the group.

“I keep saying I have a kid. He’s just 53 years old likes heavy metal…that’s my husband, haha.  We are all moms in our own way,” explains Rodriguez.

She’s been doing comedy now for eight years, and met Orly KG, the founder of Bad Momz of Comedy a few years ago.

“And honestly in my opinion,” says Orly K.G., “if you’ve woken up any day of the week and said ‘do I have to do everything,’ you’re a mom. “

Orly K.G. owns her own business and is a mom of two. She also fell in love with standup late in life, and decided to create this all-women comedy group. 

“I think something happens in your 40s as a woman and you’re just like ‘hey, I’ve kind of raised my kids already and the job thing is pretty good, so what about me? What do I want to do?’ ”

Bad Momz of Comedy are making waves on the local comedy scene, says Chris Lange, VP of operations at Zanies, “their show is fun and it’s relatable, super successful.  All the comics are great.”

They are performing at Zanies in Rosemont Thursday, night, as well as several other venues over the next few weeks. 

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