Bacon-Themed 5K Hits Chicago in June

Race organizers plan for 6,000 pounds of bacon

There's one race in June that's not about bringing home a medal. Instead, it's all about bringing home the bacon -- literally.

The Bacon Chase 5K and 0.05K is a national untimed racing event that is coming to Chicago in June. Chicago is only the second city ever to host the event following Atlanta's event on March 22.

The idea for the race is as simple as it sounds. It's an event about bacon with an exercise component.

"We, like many Americans, also love bacon, and saw our love of bacon as an opportunity to celebrate America's favorite snack in an active way," Tiffany Hudson, an event director for the race, said.

Every water station along the route as well as the finish line will be stocked with bacon. If that doesn't seem like not enough bacon, there will be even more at the post-race party. Registered participants are entitled to as much as bacon as they want along the route and at the finish line. They also receive a free Bloody Mary with bacon after the race and a Bacon Chase t-shirt and a bacon-scented bib to wear while running.

Hudson estimates about 6,000 participants will register for the Chicago race. That means there will be an about 6,000 pounds of bacon for the event -- one pound per participant.

Although the event is marketed as a run, it is an equal opportunity activity. If you aren't much of a runner but you love bacon, you can still participate. The Bacon Chase features an alternate 0.05K course for these bacon-lovers.

"The 0.05K is an added element beyond just the typical 5K course," Hudson said. "It's a fun twist that offers participants something new and allows them to still participate and enjoy the bacon, even if they don't  want to run the full 5K."

The only people who are left out are vegetarians. There are no vegetarian or non-pork food options, but race organizers insist they are still welcome to watch.

The Bacon Chase is organized by Red Frog Events, the seven-year-old Chicago business that plans themed races and other events across the country. This is the same business that brought us the Great Urban Race, the Warrior Dash and Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Del.

The Bacon Chase will take place in Chicago June 7 at Montrose Beach. Registration is $55 for the 5K and $25 for the 0.05K until June 5. Registration at the event will cost $70 for the 5K and $30 for the 0.05K.

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