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Backpack Full of Priceless Memories Stolen From Chicago Man's SUV

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Earlier this week, a Chicago man's backpack was stolen from inside his SUV in the Lake View neighborhood. It's not the backpack, but what was inside that has Anthony Sullivan pleading for its return.

"In the bag was a lot of my personal life items," he said. "Things I was carrying with me to help me grieve my brother's death."

Sullivan lost his older brother, Sam, in August. Inside the backpack was a laptop as well as several letters that Sam had written to Anthony over the years.

"I read them quite frequently," Sullivan said. "...Had them for 15 years."

Right after the break-in on Monday, Sullivan and his girlfriend, Leia Ziomek, checked block-by-block for the bag, and even looked in garbage cans.

"There is nothing of value in that bag, even the laptop, but they are priceless things to other people," Ziomek said.

Suillvan filed a police report, and told NBC 5 he's even offering a reward.

All he wants, the grieving brother said, is to get the letters back - no questions asked.

"I would love for them to return the bag fully intact," Sullivan said. "Those are all personal things to me, very personal."

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