Baby Shower Guest Stole Gift Cards: Police

Gary woman was arrested at work on Monday, police said

A Gary, Ind., woman admitted to police that she stole roughly $230 worth of gift cards from a friend's baby shower earlier this month, authorities said.

Jasmine Jan Walker-Moorehead was arrested at work on Monday and told police she wants to make amends with the family, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Mom-to-be Shelomi Hoff-Tennione told police she'd placed the gift cards she received at her June 16 shower on a table and noticed they were missing when she was leaving.

Hoff-Tennione’s mother-in-law bought the gift cards at Target retained the receipt. A Target employee used the receipt to track down the serial number and found that about $230 was used on the same day of the baby shower.

The store provided Hoff-Tennione and her husband with surveillance video and they identified the crooks as their guests, police said.

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