Baby Ditka Steals Spotlight in Super Bowl Ad

Sunday’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons provided plenty of drama on the gridiron, but Chicago Bears fans got a special treat during one of the commercial breaks in the midst of the big game.

The NFL, which came out with a tremendous ad during the 2016 game that featured babies conceived after Super Bowl wins, paid tribute to a slew of teams that have made Super Bowl memories for fans, including the 1986 Bears.

The league even led off the ad with former Bears head coach Mike Ditka, as an infant sported the coach’s familiar mustache and sweater:

Other NFL greats, including Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin, New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath, and Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller were also parodied by the talented youngsters, and the ad’s use of the babies and the Chicago classic “You’re The Inspiration” capped off the memorable commercial.

It’s hard to pick a favorite baby of the group, but the mustachioed-Ditka lookalike is a frontrunner, with a dreadlock-wearing Marshawn Lynch clone also making a spectacular turn in the commercial, which aired during the second half of Sunday’s game.

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