Peoria Hospital Reports “Blizzard Baby Boom”

Peoria sees double the amount of new babies last week.

The Blizzard of 2011hit Chicago and its suburbs hammer. The winter storm delayed commuters, knocked out power, shut down Lake Shore Drive and made every day activities difficult to manage.

Most activities, that is. Baby making wasn't among them, according to hospitals from cities across the region -- and even the nation.

"Hey, nine months ago, that blizzard shut it down, the power was out," said Shelli Dankoff, Media Relations Specialist of OSF Saint Francis whose hospital delivered 60 babies last week. "It was a interesting connect. Some of the new parents didn't deny it."

The Peoria medical center said 60 babies is about double the normal amount for their unit. Other hospitals -- some as far as the east coast reported similar findings.

The city of Chicago, apparently didn't feel as frisky, though.

Some Chicago hospitals say they have looked into the possibility of an increase, but as of right now the birth rates don't appear abnormal.

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