Awkward Kiss Cam Moment Takes Center Stage at Bucks Game

Often times, moments featured on the kiss cam at a sporting event are adorable or even inspiring, but every once in a while, they get incredibly awkward. 

Like one moment from Thursday night's Milwaukee Bucks game. 

The camera had centered on a young man and a woman sitting next to each other at the game. But as the man realized what was happening, he slowly shaked his head "no."

The woman, who was looking at her phone at the time, looked up and her face quickly turned to a look of disgust. 

That's when the man sitting next to her mouthed, "That's my mom," while pointing to the woman at his side. 

Footage of the hilarious moment was posted to the Milwaukee Bucks' Twitter page with the message, "Awkward Kiss Cam Moment Number 324..."

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