Away From the Throne: Kanye and Jay-Z Take On Chicago

Hip hop royalty surprise South Shore residents, eat Great Lakes pizza and Harold's Chicken

Thousands of people knew exactly where Kanye West and Jay-Z were a few hours Wednesday and Thursday night, but how did the pair spend the rest of their time in Chicago away from the bright lights?

The hip hop stars performed two nights of their Watch the Throne Tour at the United Center, but details are starting to trickle in about their activities away from the stage.

And perhaps the biggest surprise came Thursday afternoon in the South Shore neighborhood when Kanye and Jay-Z dropped by and started mingling with residents. The location was picked because of a line in the song "Gotta Have It" where Jay-Z says he "Made a right on 79th, I’m coming down South Shore Drive."

Needless to say, the visit caused quite a commotion. The video was shown on the screen during the concert Thursday night. (View pictures on Fake Shore Drive)

Jay-Z's very pregnant wife Beyonce was also in Chicago with the tour. reports that the couple went to Andersonville's very popular Great Lake's Pizza Thursday along with a couple of friends and bodyguards. But there was no special treatment, as they had to wait for their pizza like everyone else, and cooled out next door at Vincent restaurant.

There were no huge club after-parties on this leg of the tour. Kanye was spotted during the latter stages of the Grey Goose after-party at The Mid nightclub, but the post-concert activities took place at the United Center.

Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive reports that whole team chilled out at the UC backstage, with a party catered by Harold's Chicken and Garrett's Popcorn.

You can't get any more Chicago than that.

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