City Proposes Removal of Word ‘Police' From Aviation Department Security

The union representing the aviation officers that dragged a doctor off a flight at O’Hare International Airport have filed a complaint with the Illinois Labor Relations Board after the city of Chicago has proposed removing the word “police” from their title.

The aviation officers who dragged Dr. David Dao off the United Airlines lane—are not police—they do not carry guns and that day at least one of the officers had the word police on his uniform.

The union representing the aviation officers has filed a complaint with the Illinois labor relations board saying “without the word 'police' on their equipment, the ability of aviation officers to perform their job to the best of their ability has been compromised.”

A spokesman for the city also released this statement on behalf of the Chicago Department of Aviation:

"CDA policy has long been clear that while aviation security officers are an integral part of our airport security and operations, that they do not have the same authority as sworn Chicago police officers. What you are seeing is the aviation department reinforcing our existing policies at Chicago’s airports."

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he is waiting for a complete review of what happened.

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