Cook County

Cook County Sheriff's Deputies Find Two Tons of Fireworks at Lemont Home

More than two tons of fireworks and firework-making materials were recovered at a residence in unincorporated Lemont on Wednesday morning, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart announced. 

The discovery, which took place at approximately 9:15 a.m. according to a news release issued by the sheriff’s office, was made while police were responding to a domestic call in the 14800 block of Kotlin Road.

Police at the door to the residence spotted what appeared to be boxes of fireworks while responding to that call, and after receiving permission to search the home from one of the residents present at the dwelling, they discovered the large cache of fireworks inside, authorities said.

According to investigators, over 4000 pounds of fireworks and firework materials, including powder, tubes, and fuses, were recovered from the residence.

In video of the home released by the sheriff's office, a large flag can be seen hanging on the wall that reads "Welcome to My Pyro Playground."

Other walls in the home, piled high with what appear to be fireworks boxes, are adorned with a Chicago Cubs flag and a poster for the 1999 cult classic "Boondock Saints."

Cook County Sheriff’s officials said that one person is in custody, and charges are pending in the case. 

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