Aurora Woman Finds Phone After Pleas To Return For Photos of Late Boyfriend

Nicole Penoyer's cell phone was stolen at a Walgreens when she went to pick up photos for her late boyfriend's funeral services

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A west suburban Aurora woman found the cell phone containing photos of her late boyfriend after a determined search.

Nicole Penoyer had to deal with two unfathomable situations in less than a week.

Last Wednesday, Penoyer's boyfriend, Mike Nawara, died unexpectedly. And on Saturday, just three days later, her phone, which contained invaluable pictures of her late partner, was stolen.

That day, Penoyer came to the Walgreens at Constitution Drive and Galena Boulevard to pick up pictures for Nawara's funeral services. She paid for the photos, but accidentally left her cell phone on the counter.

Penoyer posted on Facebook Wednesday that the phone had been found by the caregiver of an older man.

"He didn't know why he had two phones," the post read. "He went back into Walgreens today and Kurt, the manager, immediately recognized him and approached him."

The Walgreens manager called Penoyer until she answered to deliver the news, according to her post.

On Saturday, Penoyer went on Facebook and posted on a community page under her boyfriend's profile, pleading for the phone to be returned.

"I'm willing to pay whatever it would take to get the phone back...I don't care who you are, why you took it, don't want to get you in trouble, I just NEED the phone back," the post, which has been shared more than 700 times, read. "Between him recently passing unexpectedly and having a 2 year old....I have a LOT on that phone that is not replaceable. I'll buy you a new phone if that's what it takes, just please PLEASE send me a message so I can get it back."

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