Hundreds of Birds, Some Dead, Found in Aurora Home

Code violations, charges can't be issued until all of the animals are removed

Personnel from the Aurora Animal Control descended upon a suburban home Friday morning after a painting contractor reported seeing dozens of dead birds inside.

Once inside, officials said they found hundreds of finches, canaries, parakeets, conures, cockatiels and other birds flying around the garbage-filled home, in the 200 block of Shadybrook Ln. Dozens of other birds were dead.

Officials sealed off the home and air quality samples were sent to a lab in Phoenix. Crews may not be able to work inside the home until at least Monday.

Neighbors described the 57-year-old homeowner as a nice man who apparently got his first bird years ago. The problem just kept growing from there.

Officials said the homeowner is cooperating with animal control and inspection officials.

"He is very, very concerned about the birds. As a matter of fact, when he knew that we were going to initiate this operation today he actually called a bird rescue operation, and it happened to be the same bird rescue the city of Aurora called," said Aurora spokesman Dan Ferrelli.

Birds found alive were being transferred to The Greater Chicago Caged Bird Club.

Any code violations or charges will not be issued until after all of the animals have been removed from the home.

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