The Two-Way Runoff Race

braun rahm chico

As we draw nearer to election day, it seems everyone not named Rahm Emanuel is merely hoping for a run-off. Polls suggest it's unlikely anyone can beat Emanuel in this crowded field, but a run-off could improve the chances.

Question is, should the secondary candidates turn on each other now or keep attacking the big dog?  Until now, it's been a relentless assault on Emanuel. 

Carol Moseley Braun recently skirted the Hitler line with a comment referring to "The Producers."

Gery Chico just picked up the endorsement of the Chicago Tea Party. It's not as if the Tea Party would support a Democrat. The endorsement comes more because Chico is not Emanuel.

For Emanuel, the question is whether he should even bother attacking anyone. He's like King Kong, swatting at biplanes. Just remember, those planes eventually brought down the big ape.

Emanuel will need to be aggressive enough to achieve a kill-shot in the first election. If he's really hovering around 50 percent of the vote, a run-off could coalesce all the other candidates' votes against him. Better to land the knockout punch the first time out.

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