Attack of the Bridezillas

Hundreds of brides dash for their dream dress

Amassed in throngs, a bevy of bridezillas gathered on State Street Friday for Filene’s Basement’s annual Running of the Brides.

Brides, friends and families lined up for blocks for a chance to snag their dream dress for a bargain price… if they survived the chaos, that is.

“Dress smart and wear a sports bra or swim suit so you can change in and out of gowns anywhere in the store,” Filene’s Basement’s website advised. “Pack light, don’t wear make-up and be considerate.” 

Brides-to-be and their teams dressed alike, in homemade t-shirts and brightly colored accessories, in order to find each other in the masses. Ashley Balmer’s team even came equipped with a cheer.

The line that twisted around State, Madison and Wabash rivaled that on Michigan for the iPhone release last month. Heidi Werness and her team camped out overnight to be some of the first to get their hands on the 1,700 discounted dresses. But it was Jess Hubner of Crystal Lake that made the first purchase of the day, a $273 dress.

Brides that weren’t so lucky can have a second shot -- at similar events in Washington D.C., Boston and Cleveland in the coming weeks.

But those that did say ‘yes’ to a dress left with a complimentary t-shirt that summed up the experience with two words -- "I survived”.

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