At Least the Bears Car Will Go to the Super Bowl

The Bears may not be going to the Super Bowl -- OK, they're not going to the Super Bowl. I've finally come to terms with this fact -- but orange and navy will still be featured in Indianapolis.

An Indy car way cooler than my 2008 Civic will be on display in downtown Indianapolis. What's it all about? Let's go to the press release:

The Super Cars program is designed to take iconic Indy cars and fuse them with NFL franchises to drive excitement and provide unique photo opportunities for fans of every team. Cars will be showcased in the heart of downtown Indianapolis January 27-29. They will be relocated to Super Celebration Sites and other unique Indianapolis destinations from February 2-5.

The program is a cool way to merge Indianapolis tradition of Indy cars and the Super Bowl. More importantly, would you look at that car? Navy and orange and fast and completely impractical, Bears fans everywhere need this car.

Can you imagine pulling up to Soldier Field in that? You wouldn't have to pay for parking. Just stare down the attendant with a knowing smile, use a sweeping gesture to show off the Bear-iness of your ride, and they'll let you pull right up to your gate.

The best part is that they used the number 20, which was an obvious tribute to NBC's own Mike Adamle and his career with the Bears, when he wore that number. Thanks, Super Cars!

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