Artist Creates Stunning Time-Lapse Video of Chicago at Night

The city of Chicago has been captured in all sorts of photographs and even starred in prominent movies, but we’d guarantee you’ve never seen it the way that one artist has portrayed it.

That artist, Max Wilson, has created a project entitled “Windy City Nights III,” which features timelapse photography of Chicago at night. It’s part of a larger project that has seen two entries already, and this one is even more grandiose in scale:

Chicago Timelapse Project - Windy City Nights III from Max Wilson on Vimeo.

 “You can really see the pulse of Chicago at night,” Wilson said in the video’s description. “My traditional style of photography lends itself well to photographing this amazing city. Chicago has a lot to offer with its unique style and capturing pretty imagery is something I enjoy doing.”

The video, which runs for about four minutes, features all of the iconic landmarks in Chicago in all of their night-time glory, and it was captured from a variety of locations throughout the city, including from the NBC Tower along the Chicago River.

“Thanks to all those Chicagoans who I have worked with over the years to secure locations for some of these shots,” Wilson said. “These shots could not have been captured without you all.”

The other films in the Windy City Nights series, as well as contact information for Wilson and his business partners, can be found on the company’s website. 

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