Touchy-Feely Flight Attendant Arrested

Boy accuses United Airlines attendant of hand rubbing and inappropriate comments

Would you like a hand rub to go with your bag of peanuts?  It's the question that a United Airlines flight attendant should have asked before he allegedly began touching a passenger on his flight.

Jaime Daria Samia, 57, of Long Beach, Calif. was arrested Tuesday afternoon at O’Hare International Airport and released on $100 bond after he allegedly rubbed the hand and arm of a 16-year-old passenger and made inappropriate comments to the boy during a flight from Los Angeles to Chicago.

The boy’s father told the police that Samia continued the hand rubbing and inappropriate comments throughout the four-hour flight the Chicago Sun-Times reported.    The boy had asked the Samia to stop and even pulled his hand away, but Samia continued his actions.

“Our priority is the safety and security of all of our customers, and we are fully cooperating with law enforcement officials on the investigation,” United said in a statement.

Samia faces a misdemeanor battery charge and is scheduled to appear in Cook County Criminal Court on Aug. 11.

Chicago Breaking News sites United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy as saying he is currently being “held out of service” from his job, awaiting results of the investigation.

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