Archdiocese: Guns Not Allowed in Chicago Churches, Schools

The new policy takes effect Thursday

Don’t bring your guns to church – that’s the new policy of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Cardinal Blasé Cupich signed a new policy that clarified language to make it clear that guns will not be allowed in churches, schools, or any property owned by the archdiocese. 

The policy, which goes into effect Thursday, states that churches, schools and administrative facilities are intended to be sites where people can gather, pray and worship in safety and peace. 

It requires signed be posted at the entrance of buildings disclosing that firearms are prohibited, though many archdiocese-owned buildings already have such signage. 

It’s a move outspoken Father Michael Pfleger has been pushing for in the city. 

“Our people should know they should feel safe,” he said.

There are some exceptions to the policy for law enforcement and authorized security personnel. 

The archbishop of Atlanta, Georgia, has also banned guns from churches there.

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