Another Blow to Popular But Dangerous Laundry Product

A trusted voice for consumers says "no" to controversial single-use detergent pods

In another blow to a popular but increasingly controversial laundry product, Consumer Reports announced Thursday it would drop single-use detergent pods from its lists of recommended products.

The bright-colored pods are frequently mistaken for candy by toddlers.

Despite two years of warnings by doctors, safety advocates and the media, calls to poison control centers involving incidents with the pods continue to rise. Last year, more than 11,000 calls were logged at centers nationwide.

"Given the continued danger, we have made the decision to not include pods on our recommended list of laundry products," Consumer Reports told readers. "And we strongly urge households with children under six are present to skip them altogether."

There is still mystery as to why some children get so sick when they bite into and partially ingest the pods.

Scientists in the U.S. continue to study that, while the European Union has already mandated stricter safety standards.

Some manufacturers of pods have already changed the pods, including elimination of bright colors and adding a foul taste to the exterior of the product.

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