Andrew Mason to Appear on 60 Minutes this Sunday

Groupon wants people to like them.

This is among the revelations Andrew Mason shares in his 60 Minutes appearance Sunday, his first major interview since taking the company public last year.

CBS' report on the interview paints a far more optimistic portrait of the company than what we've seen in the headlines since the IPO -- "Groupon has grown and grown since it took off" -- and understandably CBS is playing it close to the chest as far as what all is tackled in the interview.

Sure enough, though, people will watch.

Here's a teaser video 60 Minutes has released:

Other than that, Groupon continues to challenge its public's perceptions of what sort of things it can offer deals on. Thursday's New York City deal is to get a discounted colonic in Park Slope or Manhattan, which is kinda far removed from the usual deals you can brag about snagging over coffee with family and friends. Actually, if you're getting a colonic, you should probably skip that coffee.

And for the Groupon stock-report part of the post: It's climbing slowly still, inching closer to $20, where it started. Right now it's at $19.27

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