An Entourage of Chicagoans on HBO

Rockit Club owner Billy Dec appears on Entourage

HBOs drama about immature men, “Entourage” give mad props to Chicago last night.

A whole crew of mini-Chicago appeared on Sunday night’s episode of the HBO show, including Chicago nightlife guru Billy Dec.

“Just whatever you do, don’t blink [or] you will for sure miss me,” Dec wrote on his blog, about his short guest appearance on the show.

Dec’s scene boasted three other Chicago theater actors, including Gary Cole of Steppenwolf Theater, David Schimmer of Looking Glass Theatre and of course, Jeremy Piven, who hails from Evanston and stars on the show as high-energy agent Ari Gold.

“[We spent] five hours filming together on set rapping between scenes about how cool Chicago is and how much they miss it,” Dec said on his blog. “Do you see the absolute coolness in that?”

Piven and Dec are close friends and hosted the Piven Theatre Workshop Annual Benefit at Rockit Bar & Grill earlier this summer. Silent auction items at the event included walk-on roles on “Entourage.”

Piven may be a highly acclaimed actor, but there was no acting -- just brutal honesty -- when he commented on Dec’s acting skills in a YouTube video the two made.

“I say this with love and respect, but do not quit your day job,” Piven said to Dec.

We agree with Piven.

There are enough entertainment development guys out there in Cali. We need you to stick around in Chicago, Billy.

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