Amtrak Conductor Shot in Naperville Recovering at Home

The recovering conductor has a message for the 79-year-old man who police say shot him.

Doctors said the bullet that hit Michael Case was millimeters away from ending his life.

But the train conductor survived the unexpected shooting and after 69 days in the hospital is now home in Homewood.

Sitting in his living room with his wife Tuesday, Michael Case says love is what got him through.

"This little angel right here," Case says of his wife. "With her love and support and being Irishman from the South Side of Chicago, you got to be lucky fella."

The 46-year-old Amtrak conductor is lucky to be alive after he was shot by a train passenger on May 16.

"I remember coming into the Naperville station," he recalled.

Minutes later as the train was leaving the station, police say Edward Klein shot Case in the stomach and that's when Case says he asked God for more time.

"Told him I wasn't ready. I have two daughters to walk down an aisle one day. And two boys to look after so I have duties responsibilities leaving here and now is not the time to go," Case told NBC 5.

After two surgeries and nine weeks in the hospital, Michael still has pain and trouble eating.

"My stomach is this big," he said, gesturing. "I'm eating grilled cheese and mac and cheese and little portions like this."

And he has this message for the 79-year-old man who police say shot him.

"I hope that he gets the help that he needs and I forgive him," Case said. "Ironically through a bad situation I found a lot of love and a lot of good people."

Case says he is beyond grateful to the doctors and staff at Edward Hospital who helped him get home.

And right now he can't wait to get well enough to eat a Chicago style hot dog.

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