Al's Beef to Unveil Secret Fan-Inspired Menu at Private Tasting Event

Beginning Saturday, fans can access the secret menu online at

Fans of Al's Beef will soon be rewarded with a whole new menu that's been kept a secret from them for years.

The Chicago sandwich restaurant has collected menu requests from loyal fans over the years and put some of them into a menu of their own that has yet to be revealed to the public. This secret menu will be unveiled to the media on Friday at a private tasting event followed by a public announcement.

The list of new food items will not be available in Chicago's restaurants, but fans can access the menu online beginning Saturday. 

Al's Beef has been a staple in the Chicago culinary community since it first opened its doors in 1938 during the Great Depression. The original Italian beef recipe created more than 75 years ago is still used today, but several new items have been added since, including Italian sausage and Chicago hot dogs. 

Despite the wide array of menu options now, however, the original Italian beef stands supreme, with its four levels of "juiciness" and flavor-changing add-ons, including sweet peppers and homemade spicy giardiniera.

Since opening the first restaurant on Taylor Street on the city's West Side, Al's Beef has expanded to seven additional restaurants in Chicago as well as three in the suburbs, one in Las Vegas, two in California and a newly opened restaurant in Dallas. 

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