‘Alex the Alligator' Captured in Lake Lynwood

A 48-inch-long alligator has been captured from Lake Lynwood

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See you later, alligator! The Lynwood Fire Department caught an alligator from Lake Lynwood early Friday morning.

The reptile, named "Alex" by a local child, was captured at around 1 a.m. after a two-hour-long foot search of the lakes shorelines, according to Fire Chief John Cobb.

A Cook County animal control officer lured the 48-inch-long alligator into a trap baited with a large chicken leg, according to Cobb.

"We like to think that the fire department's search forced him on to land and the chicken leg was too much of a temptation and nature did the rest," Cobb said in an email.

This isn’t the first time the search for a gator has been underway in the region, in July 2019 Chance the Snapper caught the nation’s attention after he was caught in Chicago’s Humbolt Park neighborhood.

"We thank the citizens who stayed safely away and allowed us and the Cook County conservation officers and Lynwood police to bring this to a quick and safe conclusion," Cobb said.

"Alex the Alligator" will quarantine for 30 days and eventually be relocated to a southern state, Cobb said.

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