Alderman: ICE Agents Approached Businesses, Homes in Pilsen Thursday

No arrests have been made, according to Alderman Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez's office

ICE agents have approached business and homes in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood on Thursday, 25th Ward Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez has confirmed.

According to the alderman’s Twitter account, the reports of agents approaching businesses and homes were confirmed by the National Immigrant Justice Center.

33rd Ward Alderman Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez, who represents Pilsen, confirmed via statement that ICE agents have been seen in the area on Thursday, but that no arrests have been made as of Thursday afternoon.

The area, along with several other Chicago neighborhoods, has been on high alert since President Donald Trump announced that ICE enforcement raids would take place in several large American cities, including Chicago.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights offers five main steps on its website for those targeted by ICE. First, ICIRR says not to open the door or engage with agents but instead call your emergency contact and start recording video or taking photos. Second, if you see ICE agents, demand to see a warrant. If they force their way into your home, take their names, agent numbers and license plate numbers of their vehicles.

Third, ICIRR recommends to remain silent and fourth, do not sign any documents before speaking with a lawyer. Fifth, if you are detained, you have the right to make a call so memorize any important phone numbers.

You should also prepare an emergency plan, choosing responsible adults to care for your children and keeping important documents secure.

ICIRR also lists a family support hotline to call at (855) 435-7693, as well as a "Know Your Rights" card available to download on its website that you can hand to ICE agents should they approach you.

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