Alderman Considering Run For Mayor Calls Emanuel's Proposed Entertainment Tax Increase a ‘Gimmick'

From musicals to sporting events, you could soon pay more for big events in Chicago.

Under Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed 2018 budget there could be big changes in the entertainment tax. Bigger venues would see an increase and that means customers will pay more for tickets. Chicago Ald. Scott Waugespack, who may oppose the mayor in the 2019 election calls it a "gimmick." He says it's the city's finances that have him concerned.

"[Emanuel is] working gimmicks on all these sort of things," he told NBC 5. "I am considering [running for mayor] and I think it's born out of the frustration of watching the city not be well managed."

The price of tickets for the popular Hamilton show, already expensive will be even higher if Emanuel's proposal is approved.

Currently -- the live cultural performance tax is 5 percent, but that will change. Instead, those venues with less than 1,500 seats will have no city tax, but more than 1,500 seats will have a new 9 percent tax.

Giving smaller venues like the metro a tax break is viewed by city hall a way to promote neighborhood culture.

So next year -- concerts at places like Wrigley Field will see the same 9 percent tax charged for live sporting events.

In recent years -- Chicagoans have paid higher property taxes, increased parking rates, a bag tax and more for cell phone fees.

So paying more for bigger venues, customers won't like it, but since it's a choice to go to these events, it most likely will not get the same public outrage as the beverage tax did.

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