Al Capone's Revolver Up for Auction in London

Al Capone's .38 caliber revolver is going up for auction Wednesday at Christie's in London

For Chicago collectors interested in owning the gun of the city's most famous gangster, their chance has finally come.

The .38 caliber revolver of Al Capone, infamous for Chicago's organized crime of the 1920s, is going up for auction Wednesday at Christie's in London.

"Items that can be placed in a particular point in history or in the hands of someone famous have increased in value and desirability in the last few years, I suppose one could call it the cult of celebrity," said Howard Dixon of Christie's in South Kensington. "Al Capone is beyond doubt the most famous mobster in history."

The revolver includes a stamped Colt logo on its left side and original wood grips also bearing the Colt symbol. The gun was manufactured in 1929, the same year as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

The gun also includes a notarized statement from Madeleine Capone Morichetti, the wife of Capone's brother Ralph, confirming its authenticity.

The item is expected to bring in a lot of money as other Capone items have recently sold for thousands. A rare autographed Al Capone photo sold for $16,500 and an autographed $5 bill sold for $9,500.

"This revolver goes far beyond any other memento that may come to light, such as a cigar holder or pocket watch," Dixon said. "This is a weapon he chose to arm himself with, to rely on to protect his life, and is a very tangible link to the dangerous world he lived in."

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