Tom Barrett Ain't No Cream Puff

Tough guy exterior could lead to higher office

Aside from cheese curds, cream puffs have always been among the most popular items at the Wisconsin State Fair.

That was until Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett took a lead pipe to the head to protect a granny there last week. His popularity skyrocketed.

But the man ain't no cream puff. And if you doubted that, he's got the T-shirt to prove it.

Brew City Brand Apparel designed a shirt emblazoned with the slogon "Our Mayor Ain't No Cream Puff" on the front, and the phrase , "Tom Barrett is our hero," on the back. 

We're with the cheeseheads on this one. We think mayor Barret's antics were oh so delicious.

"I can't think of a situation like this where people would not have responded the way I did," he told the Chicago Breaking News Center. "When someone says call 911, you call 911 -- it's that straightforward."

The t-shirts could be the perfect campaign attire for Barrett if he decides to run for governor in 2010. After Gov. Jim Doyle’s announcement this week that he would not be running for a third term, Barrett has been mentioned as a possible Democratic candidate.

So sure, Mayor, go ahead and downplay your heroic rescue. You may not be a cream puff, but we’re betting your citizens still think you’re super sweet.

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