Agent Shoots Robbery Suspect In Richmond: FBI

Shooting occurred outside Associated Bank in Richmond, authorities said

UPDATE: Pair Charged in FBI Probe That Left One Suspect Dead

An FBI agent fatally shot a robbery suspect Friday morning in north suburban Richmond, an FBI spokesperson confirmed.

Authorities said an operation was underway in the area when the shooting occurred outside Associated Bank, on the 10000 block of North Main Street.

"Our agents encountered three subjects who had been -- they've been looking for in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation," said Special Agent Joan Hyde.

The suspects, alleged would-be bank robbers, never made it inside. The shootout happened in the parking lot, with one person shot and killed by an agent. Two others were taken into custody, Hyde explained.

The incident put nearby schools on a "light" lockdown for about an hour but caused residual delays on normally busy nearby streets.

"It just shuts the traffic down for our bus routes, and on a major highway like this we don't see that out here," said District 157 Facilities Director Rich Holtz.

In a statement, the bank said it ensured that "our customers and colleagues at our Richmond branch are safe and secure. We are fully cooperating with local law enforcement to help resolve the situation."

No agents were injured.

This report was originally published May 10, 2013.

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