Donald Trump

AG Lisa Madigan Declined President Trump's Invitation to White House Meeting

President Donald Trump met Tuesday with a group of states’ attorneys general at the White House.

In all, about two dozen attended, but Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan declined the president’s invitation. 

In a statement, Madigan told NBC 5, she "declined his invitation on behalf of the many Americans harmed by his actions.” 

“This President has threatened our civil rights and civil liberties in a way we haven't seen in decades," the statement read. "He has put Wall Street bankers in the administration to protect the greed that brought our country to financial collapse."

The president posed for a group photo with the attorneys general calling them “great people.” Those attending the White House meeting included Florida, Idaho and Georgia’s Attorney General. 

Monday Gov. Bruce Rauner was the only governor to not attend the White House meeting with President Trump and Vice President Pence during the National Governors Association conference.

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