After School Program Abuse Lawsuit Settled

The court battle is over for 19 men who sued the Chicago Board of Education and United Airlines over allegations that they were sexually abused as children by an afterschool program mentor in the 1990s.

“The parties reached an amicable resolution,” said attorney Lyndsay Markley, who represented the alleged victims in the lawsuit.

While the plaintiffs were students at Johnson Elementary, they participated in the United Believers program, sponsored by the airline. They said they were promised college scholarships in exchange for their participation and good behavior.

But the men said they were abused by Marvin Lovett, who was employed as a mentor in the United Believers afterschool program.

The plaintiffs argue the abuse could have been prevented.

Lovett was shot to death by a former Believers participant in 2000.

Police said they found 140 videotapes showing Lovett sexually abusing minors, including Believers participants.

The Believers program was later shut down.

As for the settlement, a United Airlines spokesperson said “we have worked with those impacted to reach a resolution in this case.”

The Chicago Board of Education did not return our request for comment.

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