Activists Call for DOJ to Expand Investigation in Chicago

Calls for the Department of Justice to expand its investigation in Chicago to include City Hall and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office continued Friday as activists took to Chicago streets for the third day this week.

“We also must make sure everybody who had a role in suppressing or covering up this evidence of the [Laquan McDonald] videotape are held accountable,” said Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin.

The Department of Justice announced earlier this month that it would launch a federal investigation into the Chicago Police Department’s practices following the release of dashcam video showing an officer fatally shooting 17-year-old McDonald 16 times.

For days following the video's release, hundreds of protesters have shut down the streets of Chicago to rally for the resignations of Emanuel and Alvarez in response to the shooting video.

On Friday, a group of elected officials and activists circled the city and county building seven times.

“There’s two Chicagos,” said Rev. Tyrone McGowan. “One for those who are well connected and the other for those who are disconnected and left out.”

Many protesters have criticized Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s public apology earlier this week, saying his emotion does not match the action.

“I don’t think our mayor can fix it,” said Father Larry Dowling. “I continue to be distressed when he says I’m the mayor and I can fix it. As if there’s no one else who’s part of that decision. You don’t hear a we in there. I don’t hear a we.”

The group said holding elected officials accountable is what their protest is all about.

“The whole gang, they need to be looked at,” said Rev. William Crowder Jr.  

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