It's Snowing. Don't Forget to Shovel.

Violators run risk of $50 per day citation

Reminder:  When the snow stops falling, owners and tenants of buildings have three hours to remove snow and ice from walkways before risking a fine from the city.

In an effort to remind neighbors to clear their walks -- and praise those who do -- a pedestrian advocacy group is offering downloadable fliers on their Web site.

"People who rely on sidewalks - seniors, people with disabilities and children – need a clear space to walk or roll. Snow or ice-covered sidewalks force people to travel in the street and discourage people from walking at all," the Active Transportation Alliance says on their Web site.

The campaign is similar to one run by the Chicago Department of Transportation.  Department inspectors post notes on buildings where walkways haven't been cleared and who run the risk of a $50 per day citation.

The Active Transportation Alliance's fliers can be downloaded at

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