Acquitted Student Wants Out of Fenger

The Chicago Public Schools board is scrambling to deal with the city’s youth violence on a grand scale.  But first they’ll have to turn their attention to an individual.

Eugene Bailey, the 18-year-old who was charged with and then acquitted of beating Fenger honor student Derrion Albert to death, doesn’t want to go back to his school.

Bailey told WGN this morning he is looking for "help" from the CPS board "about what school they will enroll me in."

"I want them to help me figure out what what are we going to do about my baby's schooling," Bailey’s mother, Ana Greyer, said.  "Because his life is not going to be the same at Fenger High School anymore." 

Also troubling was an eviction notice the family received from the Chicago Housing Authority after charges were leveled against Bailey.  With the charges dropped, the CHA reversed their efforts Tuesday.

"I feel real blessed right now," Bailey said as he left Cook County Jail Monday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. "I just thank God. I've been praying ever since I've been in here. . . . That food was nasty, man. Cook County is not the place. They treat people like animals."

Greyer said she was so caught up in Monday's developments that she overlooked an important day for her daughter.

"I forgot. We was so excited, I forgot, and went and got the balloons for him, and I'm like, 'Today is my baby birthday, I didn't even get her nothing.'"

"I'm going to make it up to you," she said, turning to her daughter.

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