Absolut's Chicago Vodka Flavor Suggestions: And the Winners Are …

One of the world's largest alcohol brands has created a Chicago-themed vodka

Earlier this week, Ward Room asked a simple question: Did Absolut miss the point on Chicago-flavored vodka?

The post was in response to news that one of the world's largest alcohol brands had created a Chicago-themed vodka described as a “smooth, mellow blend of rosemary and thyme herbal notes and green olives.” That didn't sound right to us, so we asked if there weren’t some more, um “real Chicago” smells and flavors Absolut could have used instead.

Many of you agreed, and suggestions came pouring in on Twitter at #ChicagoFlavor and the NBC Chicago Facebook page. Here are some the most interesting responses so far:

From Twitter:

Sherrill Gray—@SherillGray:
It has to be Chicago Style hot dog, deep dish pizza, or grilled steak flavor—maybe Tootsie Roll for those with a sweet tooth

Andy Kaluski—@Team1Andy:
rebrand idea.. should taste like a Maxwell street kielbasa (polish) with a slight smell of grilled onions. Thats Chicago!

Leah Butler—@LeahButler:
Dunkin' Donuts & Money—since the city runs on caffeine and everything is so damn expensive.

And on Facebook:

Kenneth Wodarski: Wouldn't Chicago vodka have heavy over tones of onion!

Jacquie McCarron Skurla: Rosemary for remembrance, thyme for courage and strength. Great attributes of Chicagoans. And olives are just plain good.

Chris Delfs: Might work well for drunken Chicken Linguine maybe.....Chocolate, Strawberry or Turtle Cheese Cake would have been a better choice, the ladies would love it!

Tony Johnson: Give me a whiskey to sip and beer to drink any day before I waste my time with vodka!

Maria Williams: Yeah, I don't get how the flavor ties in to Chicago. Perhaps that's what it would taste like if you ate the grass at Millennium Park.

Luke Wiechman: tastes like gun powder and lead, and the sweaty balls of Chicago’s politicians!

Christopher Stolarski: Also known to put the drinker into debt

Tony Wilk: A wine company also came out with a Chicago Cubs Vino many years ago. It's over 105 yrs old and still aging. ZING!!!! 

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