Abortion Rights Advocates Stage Rally at Federal Plaza

Women and men, young and old, all gathered to voice their concerns Saturday

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Hundreds of people rallied in the Loop Saturday and vowed to fight back, days after Politico published a leaked draft opinion indicating the Supreme Court would overturn the constitutional right to abortion enshrined nearly 50 years ago in Roe v. Wade.

Federal Plaza began to start filling up early on as demonstrators arrived for the "We Won't Go Back" rally defending abortion rights.

"I am so tired of having a man telling me what to do with my body and I’m here, we’re going to [be] here, until we keep it safe," said advocates Andrea and Eliza Luvianos.

Women and men, young and old, all gathered to voice their concerns.

"Regardless of what happens with the court – we will not go back," said Gina Rozman-Wendle, the president of Chicago NOW.

The leaked draft opinion published by Politico was reportedly written by Justice Samuel Alito and circulated in February. It suggests that at least five justices side with Mississippi in a case pending before the court challenging the landmark 1973 abortion ruling.

"To think that, after all this time, people still want to control what women can do and our rights to make our personal healthcare decisions is just really outrageous," said Carole Levin, chair of Courts Matter Illinois.

Kimberly Smith, vice chair of SEIU Healthcare, stated, "I need people to understand that I should be able to do whatever I want."

"Why are you judging me? This is my right," she continued.

State-level and local leaders also joined the call for action. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker made an appearance and vowed to protect Illinois' reproductive rights.

"I’m proud Illinois is an island for reproductive freedom in the Midwest," he said. "Our shores remain open for any person left marooned by these extremist politicians."

A rally is planned for next weekend in Millennium Park, and many others will likely take place until a final decision is made by the Supreme Court. That could come in late June or early July.

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