Aaron Rodgers Suffered Back Injury vs. Bears

When the Chicago Bears went to Lambeau Field in 2013, Shea McClellin knocked Aaron Rodgers out of the game with a broken collarbone, and the team was able to score an upset victory over the Green Bay Packers.

While some Bears fans had joked before Sunday’s game that the only way they were going to win was to injure Rodgers again, apparently the Packers quarterback did sustain an injury during the blowout victory: a sore back from standing around on the sidelines during the second half of the game. Here’s what he told the Green Bay Press-Gazette (via Pro Football Talk):

“My low back was actually hurting. I think I attribute that to standing around the entire time in the second half. The guys took really good care of me on the field. I barely got touched all game, but my back actually got a little tight on the sideline. I forgot what a strain that can be to stand there and watch. It’s more fun, obviously, to be out there and play.”

After reading those quotes, Bears fans are day-to-day with strained eyes after rolling them several times.

Rodgers threw for 315 yards and six touchdowns in Sunday’s 55-14 win, and became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 10 touchdowns against a team in a single season.

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