Chicago Bears

Aaron Rodgers Makes Big Impression in Meeting With Young Fan

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has made a living in torturing the Chicago Bears, but he apparently has a soft spot for the team’s young fans.

According to Julia Nicholl, a Mount Prospect native, the Packers’ quarterback was walking in Chicago before the team’s game against the Bears in early November, and she spotted him standing on a street corner.

“I never in my life can talk to celebrities,” she told PackersNews. “But somehow I had it in me to say, ‘Are you…?’ really quietly. I didn’t even finish the sentence, because I didn’t want the other people at the corner to bug him if he just wanted to be alone, which I totally get, (and) he looked right at me and said ‘I am.’”

Rodgers not only posed for a photo with Julia’s son Peter, but also walked with them as they made their way toward Michigan Avenue. He answered questions and conversed with them the entire way, and he made a lasting impression on a pair of Bears fans.

“I’m not bragging that I met him. I’m sharing with the world what a fabulous human being Aaron Rodgers is,” Julia said of the encounter.

According to Nicholl, she was telling a woman at a store about her encounter with Rodgers, and it turned out that the stranger she was speaking to was none other than the mother of Packers running back Ty Montgomery. 

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