Average Gas Prices Fall for the Month of June

Price drop is the first for Chicago since October, says AAA

Average gas prices in Illinois finally fell from the previous month for the first time since October 2010.

After seeing record high prices in early May, AAA Chicago’s most recent Fuel Gauge Report shows a June monthly average price of $4.01 for regular unleaded gas, a 25-cent decrease from the previous month.

This month’s gas prices, however, are still $1.19 higher than they were in June 2010.

While gas prices for Illinois and Chicago are still among the highest in the nation, and much higher than a year ago, they are starting to move in the right direction,"  said AAA spokeswoman Beth Mosher.

At $3.86, average gas prices in northern Indiana are still lower than those in Illinois and 29 cents cheaper than they were in May, albeit $1.16 dollars higher than they were in June 2010.

As of Wednesday morning, the average cost of gas in the Chicago area was $4.159. The Rockford area currently has average regular unleaded prices of $3.898, comparable to the $3.837 average found in Gary, Ind.

Cook County has seen the lowest average decreases in gas prices from last month of 22 cents, whereas both Lake County and Will County have seen the largest difference with 29-cent decreases.

Every county in Illinois has seen the average price of gas increase more than a dollar from a year ago.

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