A New Team Could Be Best for Devin Hester

After Lovie Smith's dismissal, Devin Hester said he's considering retirement. He said he was stressed by, "Not being able to showcase my talent the way I want it to be showcased." Hester has been a part of the Bears his entire career, but could his career be improved by a new city? 

Hester later clarified via Twitter that his possible retirement wasn't because of Lovie's dismissal, but that it was something he had been considering for some time.

The season not turning out as he hoped may be a reason for him to change, but Hester had plenty of opportunities. He was targeted 40 times as a receiver and more punt returns than ever.

He struggled to find a niche with the Bears this season. He had his lowest total yardage in receiving since joining the Bears. He complained about not being targeted enough but didn't step up when he was targeted. His punt return and kickoff return yardage was down from last season, as well. A change of scenery, with new coaches and teammates who would motivate him, could suit him well.

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