A Cutler Above the Rest

Writers call for a Jay Cutler trade

All of a sudden, a lot of people are talking football in Chicago.

Rumors that the Bears could have a real shot at one of the league's hottest young quarterbacks, Jay Cutler, have re-energized Bears fans.

Cutler has asked the Broncos to release him, opening the possibility of Jay in a Bears uniform.

Sweet, but unlikely.

Still, local sports writers aren't going to let it go too soon.

The reasons to bring Cutlet to Chicago are "so obvious," according to the Chicago Tribune's David Haugh, "that it would be like starting a discussion about Chicago winters by pointing out that it helps to have a shovel."

"To sit idly by after Cutler officially has requested a trade from the Broncos would be professional negligence by the Bears," Haugh said, adding that Kyle Orton may still develop into a solid NFL quarterback, but Cutler already is one.

Further playing on his talent for analogy, he said, "This isn't simply a window of opportunity for the Bears; it's like the doors of an airplane hangar opening wide type of opportunity."

The Sun-Times sports writer Neil Hayes is willing to sacrifice Orton for Cutler.

"Two first-round draft picks and Kyle Orton. That’s what Bears general manager Jerry Angelo should offer the Broncos for quarterback Jay Cutler," Hayes wrote in Tuesday's edition.

BleacherReport.com states that, "Jay Cutler's arrival in Chicago would give an immediate boost to the fanbase and provide the team with a quarterback who already has a respectable track record."

And in a call from beyond the metropolitan area, the Rockford Register Star reads: "Cutler, who grew up in Indiana, wants to play for the Bears. Division rivals Detroit and Minnesota are other rumored landing spots for Cutler. Both are additional reasons for the Bears to be interested."

So, you may not have heard the last of Jay Cutler in Chicago. Or, maybe you have.

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