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Woman Hits Police Officers with Car

A Chicago woman hits two police officers driving away from Cook County Jail



    Woman Hits Police Officers with Car
    Jeanette Cabrera is charged with a felony for hit two police officers with her car while aiding a friend visiting Cook County Jail elude police questioning.

    A woman was charged with a felony after using her car to strike down two police officers.

    Jeanette Cabrera-Matute, 20, drove a female friend to Cook County Jail to visit an inmate. When the friend was pulled aside for additional questions about a possible outstanding warrant, Cabrera-Matute allegedly helped her friend elude the officers by driving her out of the jail complex. In the process she allegedly struck two police officers with her vehicle.

    While allegedly helping the friend getaway, Cabrera-Matute lost control of her vehicle on the highway and crashed into a concrete wall.  Police found both women at the site of the crash and placed them into custody.

    Meanwhile, Cabrera-Matute has been charged with two counts of aggravated battery to an officer and under electric monitoring until her trial.  The friend was found cleared of warrants for her arrest and was released without being charged.  Both of the officers were treated for non-threatening injuries and released.