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Driver's Sobriety Test Becomes Runway Walk

But did she "smize"?



    Driver's Sobriety Test Becomes Runway Walk
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    SAN BRUNO, CA - NOVEMBER 27: A man is given a field sobriety test after he was stopped by San Bruno Police officers at a DUI checkpoint November 27, 2006 in San Bruno, California. San Francisco Bay Area law enforcement agencies have begun to set up DUI checkpoints as the holiday season gets underway. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    An Orland Park driver made sure her field sobriety test was fierce.

    At 2 a.m. on Sept.9, police pulled over Sheryl A. Urzedowski, 38, after she allegedly made a left turn at a red light and drove 26-30 mph over the posted speed limit, reports Trib Local.

    The officer asked her to get out of the car and take a field sobriety test, in which she was asked to walk down a straight line.

    "She walked up and down the line with hands on her hips three additional times," and she "offered to perform a gymnastics maneuver," according to the police report.

    Work it, girl!

    This muddled model then asked the officer to read her "the Amanda rights," said police.

    Urzedowski was charged with driving under the influence, disregarding a traffic control device, speeding, following too close to another vehicle, and improper lane usage, reports Trib Local.

    We have one thing to say: Sashay! Shante! Shante, shante, shante!

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