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Trump Trial: "Somebody Had To Stand Up To Him"

Elderly woman continues testimony in federal trial



    "I didn't want to be in business with someone who would cheat me. How would I know he wouldn't do it again?" -- Jacqueline Goldberg. (Published Monday, May 20, 2013)

    An elderly woman who claims she was misled in a profit-sharing plan at Chicago's Trump International Hotel & Tower testified Monday that she was angry at Donald Trump because she feels like she was "conned."

    Jacqueline Goldberg, 87, claims Donald Trump promised her a portion of the revenue if she bought property inside the building, but later reneged on the deal in an alleged bait-and-switch.

    "I thought I was in never-never land. We had an agreement and it was turned topsy turvey," Goldberg said on the stand. "I didn't want to be in business with someone who would cheat me. How would I know he wouldn't do it again?"

    "Somebody had to stand up to him."

    Trump Says Plaintiff Playing "Age Card"

    [CHI] Trump Says Plaintiff Playing "Age Card"
    Real estate magnate says elderly woman suing him concocted bait-and-switch story to get a non-refundable deposit back. Kim Vatis reports.
    (Published Wednesday, May 15, 2013)

    Trump attorneys argued that they have always had the right to make changes to the building's Declaration, the document that lays out who owns what. A portion of the document that was entered as evidence reads, "The Declaration is, and at all times remains, subject to change by the developer.

    Trump testified at the trial last week, and sharply criticized Goldberg on the stand and to reporters afterward.

    He said Goldberg is trying to "rip" him off, and that she's trying to curry sympathy by highlighting she's nearly 90. He claimed, "nobody played the age card better than her."

    Goldberg testified that she first became interested in buying at that location because of Trump's reputation for upscale buildings.

    She met with realtors in 2006, and was shown floor plans and discussed the amenities, like the ballrooms, meeting rooms and parking garages.

    "The revenue stream coming in from ballroom, parking, it was like another stream of income,"Goldberg said. "It helped to make the prospect look very attractive."

    Goldberg says she bought a two room hotel unit (bedroom/living room and small kitchen) for $1.49 million because it "was appealing for a potential renter."

    She later bought a second unit on the same floor, mainly because of the profit sharing plan, Goldberg said on the stand.

    Goldberg said she read over the contracts and never saw a clause that said the agreement "was subject to change."

    Goldberg wants her $500,000 deposit back and the profit she says she would have made had Trump stuck to his offer.

    The jury is expected to begin deliberations Wednesday.